The Art of Tiling

The art of tiling and floor tiles are almost as old as mankind itself. It was more than two thousand years ago that the Romans and Greeks started to tile the floors of their houses and temples with marble and granite while decorating their walls with intricate tile mosaics, depicting their gods and heroes.

Back then this form of decoration was only available to the nobles, and tiles were only used in mansions and public places frequented by the nobles. Today, of course, there is hardly a household, be it rural or urban, that is not fitted with tiles.

Over the years, the material, styles and demand for tiles have changed completely. Today tiles are available for every possible application, and are available in ceramic, porcelain, natural stone and other materials.

At Auas Flooring we understand the art of tiling. With over 20 years of experience in the field, we undertake residential and commercial tiling work and contracts, big or small, anywhere in Namibia.

Whether you need your bathroom tiled, the kitchen or need to get several floors tiled, we can help. We offer professional and quality workmanship and have the experience to complete your tiling job on time. All tiling work is backed by a 12 month guarantee.

For that elegant finish!

We are on hand to consult in all areas of tiling. Contact us today with your tiling needs.